Structured play promotes imagination, allows for exploration, promotes longer attention spans, decreases stress, allows children to practice different roles and encourages language and vocabulary development.

The goal of the Crete Park District Preschool is to provide a carefully planned environment that will enable young children to create, explore, and learn about themselves and others.

Crete Park District uses smart board technology which allows children a hands-on experience with computer concepts.

Writing skills are introduced, as well as prerequisites to scholastic functions such as numbers, colors, shapes, money and measurement.


  • Our program is designed to provide the child with abundant opportunities for growth in all areas of development.
  • Children learn best by providing structured play opportunities.
  • Through play, we have the ability to develop the whole child; emotional, social, physical and intellectual.
  • We cover a great deal in our curriculum, we do it through play so kids come to school and learn that school can be fun.
  • Learning to love school at a very young age can be a great start for a lifelong love of learning! 
A $100 deposit and a credit card will save your spot for fall and get you enrolled in our payment plan.