Memorial Bench & Tree Program

Through the Memorial Bench & Tree Program, friends and relatives can provide a unique dedication to loved ones.  This dedication provides a lasting remembrance in honor of a loved one.  The gift is also a valuable contribution to the Crete Park system which is utilized by people of all ages. Your generous gift will be recognized and appreciated by everyone.

The Crete Park District bench is a standard 6-foot recycled plastic bench that has proven to be very durable.  We use this bench to maintain consistency  throughout our parks.  A plaque (2"x 4") will be attached to the backrest of the bench.  The length of the message is restricted  to up to three lines.  Exact location will be coordinated at the time of purchase with the Crete Park District Director.  (Benches require an 8-10 week lead time and will not be installed in the winter months.)  Cost for a Memorial Bench  will include purchase, delivery, installation and upkeep. Updated Prices will be available in February 2022.

Under the Crete Park District Memorial Tree program, the Crete Park District plants a 2"  - 3" caliper tree at one of our parks, where it is needed the most, unless a specific park is requested.  Shade trees include species such as oak, maple, linden, and pear.  Evergreen trees include pine and spruce.  Other trees are available by request.The trees will be planted either in the spring or fall of each year as weather permits, depending on the species of tree.  Cost for a Tree Memorial will include purchase, delivery, installation and upkeep. Prices will be updated in February 2022.   Further information regarding this program can be obtained by calling Superintendent of Parks & Planning, Andy Biesterfeld at (708)672-6996.